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Fia Air Primer innovation is a preventative and science-backed solution to oily skin

Fia, a Skin and Beauty solution inspired by female factory workers who used electrical charge-based industrial primer devices to increase the longevity of their beauty products. However, the motivation and passion for this device was Kent’s (CEO & Founder) wife, Irma. She had oily skin that caused her makeup to fade throughout the day, no matter what liquid primers she had tried.

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Use Fia Air Primer for a transformative solution to long-lasting make-up

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With his wife as his motivation, Kent modified the industrial process to a face mask device that she could use. After the very first treatment, Irma had noticeably less oily skin, and over the next two weeks, her skin was transformed to a normal and radiant complexion. The results were too good not to share!


The success of the product, Kent and Irma’s ingenuity, and their passion for helping other oily-skinned women find their best skin are what brought Fia Skin and Beauty to life.

FIA AIR PRIMER places a static-electric charge on the face.  When used with the right products, it works 300% better than liquid primers.  And Air Primer is safer because it sits on only surface molecules of the skin.  The skin then stops producing excess oil.  We call it Fia Happy Skin!  


But don't take our word for it, try it and see for yourself.   Demos begin in Los Angeles, Summer 2022.

Without Fia Air Primer

Severely Oily skin, 8 hours no touch-ups


With Fia

Air Primer every day for two weeks, skin becomes normal

Mission Statement

We help oily and combination-skinned women discover a fresh and rejuvenated version of their complexion with a preventative and straightforward solution.

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