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Beautiful skin and makeup performance with one device.

Limited first-run supply. Receive updates about Fia Skin and Beauty as an exclusive insider.


We have a passion for perfection.

Originally designed to combat the appearance of oily skin, women of all skin types can benefit from Fia Skin and Beauty. 


Automatic Shut-Off

Say goodbye to traditional liquid primers. For skin that’s balanced and beautiful, Fia Air Primer gives you 50% deeper and better results!
The difference is dramatic.

Works Fast

Use Fia Air Primer for just 15 seconds before your normal skincare and makeup routine.


The device will shut off on its own after 15 seconds. Simply press the button and breathe through the tube as directed.

Easy to Store

Lightweight and sleek, Fia Air Primer closes compactly and can be tucked away when not in use. 

"Air Primer increases adhesion and absorption of the skin and may be the best new technological breakthrough in the past decade.  There is nothing to compare it to."

Kent Booker - Engineer, Inventor and Founder



Step into the Fia Air Primer Experience

STEP 1: Wash Your Face

STEP 2: Dry Your Face Gently & Thoroughly 

STEP 3: Activate Primer & Apply Moisturizer



You’ll be ‘Fia-Fabulous’ in a Flash! 

After 2 weeks of consistent use of Fia Air Primer, read what our initial testers reported.

“No more excess oil, balances skin in just a couple of days.”

“Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and large pores.”

“Treated uneven skin tone.”

“Major reduction in breakouts.”

“Makeup had a ‘photo finish’ look all day long.”

“Dry skin was hydrated and balanced.”


Using Fia Air Primer

  • Benefits
    Your skin becomes a sponge, absorbing clean products more effectively Gives your skin a healthy glow Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Cleanses the skin No more touch-ups or makeup reapplications Reduces facial skin inflammation Results in moisturized, more radiant skin
  • How to Use
    Wash face and dry skin thoroughly Place mask on your face with your lips around the breathing tube & breath through your mouth Turn on the device, and close your eyes Feel a 15-second Fia breeze on your skin, then device will shut off automatically Use the Fia moisturizer within 3 minutes after using the Air Primer Apply makeup if desired or go for a fresh-faced look See video for instructions...
  • How Can I Buy It?
    Fia Air Primer is almost ready for its big reveal! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. Get on the list and be notified to pre-order your Fia system below. Get on the List

Passion | Motivation | Progress

Engineer Inspired - Made for Everyone

Fia Skin and Beauty was first created by an engineer to help his wife combat her severely oily skin with all its side effects and the struggles with smudging makeup.


With this motivation and his ingenuity, and a desire to shake up the world of skincare, Fia’s Co-Founders Kent and Irma Booker developed a first-of-its-kind multi-benefit face mask air primer.


After extensive testing, the results were mesmerizing and they realized they had discovered a safer device for all skin types, and not just oily skin. The


Fia Air Primer benefits were too good not to share.

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